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Cancellation and change policy

Our cancelation and change policy is essentially based on that of the railway company. We apply the policy of the railway company and do not have additional cancelation charges. From time to time, the railway authority will not allow us to cancel or change tickets online. In these circumstances the same conditions outlined below (such as refund percentage) will apply but the ticket holder must go to a train station to make such change in person. In such a case, we will provide you with written instructions in English and Chinese to assist you.

Before we purchase the tickets

At any time before we have purchased your tickets you can change your order or cancel it. There will be no charge whatsoever. If you have prepaid the tickets, the full amount is refundable.

To cancel tickets after purchase

If you have not picked up the paper tickets, we can cancel them electronically. The amount of the refund is reduced as you get closer to the travel date.
Up to 16 days before departure * Refund 100% of the ticket price
72 hours to 16 days before departure * Refund 95% of ticket price
48 hours to 72 hours before departure * Refund 90% of ticket price
24 hours to 48 hours before departure * Refund 80% of the ticket price
Within 24 hours before departure Refund 80% of the ticket price in person**
After train departed No refund
*Based on the time when WE cancel, not when you send your notice. Allow for an extra 24 hours for us to react to your email. Note that the online railway booking website is only open during the day (China time).
** Within 24 hours, tickets can only be canceled in person at the station. Except for trains to Tibet and certain tourist areas (see exceptions below).

If you picked up the tickets, you need to go to the train station yourself. The same refund amount as above apply. Keep the receipt. The station will not refund you directly as they credit the bank account used to make payment. We need the receipt to track down the refund.

In all cases (after purchase) our fee is NOT refundable but there is no additional fee to handle the cancelation.

To change tickets after purchase

The railway company determines what tickets can be changed. We are happy to do it for you at no charge if possible under the rules. If you qualify for a change, we have no additional fee to process your change for a small number of tickets. If many tickets need to be cancelled and rebooked, a fee may apply. If you change for a cheaper ticket, the railway company will charge an amount equal to the cancellation penalty (see below) on the price differential.
Change allowed:
  • - For the same passenger and same route
    • Can change for a different date
    • Can change for a different train number on the same date
    • Can change both the date and train number
    • Can change the destination but not the departure city
Change not allowed:
  • - Change passenger name
  • - Change passport number
  • - Change the departure city
  • - Tibet trains cannot be changed
In the case of an error in the name or passport number or change in the route, the ticket must first be canceled (subject to the above cancelation fee) then repurchased with the correct information.

We can make these changes online and will send you a new confirmation. If you picked up the tickets already, you need to go to the train station yourself to make these changes.

Note that if we need to cancel a ticket and re-book it, it means that you will no longer be sitting with your travel partners as the new tickets will be a different seat/bed. To keep your group together, all tickets need to be cancelled and rebooked.

  • Within 24 hours, a ticket can only be changed for another train leaving on the same date (if any are available). The change must be made in person at the train station.
  • For D trains from Beijing or Shanghai to Guangzhou or Shenzhen, tickets can only be changed for the same train on another date.
  • For Tibet trains, changes and cancellations must be made in person by the ticket holder at a train station. Refund is made to our bank account and we will refund you. Make sure to send us a copy of your receipt. Such restrictions are also imposed from time to time on trains to popular destinations (such as Zhangjiajie in summer months for example). We will advise you in these cases.

Missing your train

Because your previous train arrives late and you miss the connection

Trains are rarely late in China but it can happen. If your train is late, then it is the responsibility of the train company. Before you arrive at your destination, find the train conductor and using sign language (he or she will most probably not speak any English), show your tickets, pointing at the departure time of your next train. He will stamp your ticket, which will allow you to exchange it. When you arrive at your destination, go to the ticket counter to exchange your ticket for a later one. There will be no charge

Because YOU arrive late

If you miss your train and you were supposed to ride on a fast train (C, D or G train) then you can go to the station’s ticket counter and exchange your ticket for a later train. You can only exchange for a later train on the same day, if any. For any other train, Z, T, K, L or no letter, you are out of luck and your ticket is void. But we suggest that you still try your luck at the station.

Acts of god / force majeure

In the case of natural disaster (flooding, earthquake, etc.), your train may be cancelled. Generally, the railway company will try to re-route you if possible. This is usually done by cancelling your original ticket. They will ask you to pay for a new ticket. The refund will be to our bank account and we will refund the ticket cost back to you as soon as possible. Remember to send us a copy of the receipt so that we can trace the transaction.