Our process is simple, fast and safe. You can secure your tickets before you leave home so you could travel in China with less stress.
Tickets are put on sale 30 days before the departure date (with some exceptions). You can check the ticket availability by searching our real-time schedules. You can place your order with us more than 30 ahead of your travel date and we will purchase the tickets as soon as they are released. This is the best strategy to secure the “hard to get” tickets.
We do not deliver tickets. We will send you a confirmation number along with clear instructions on how to get the paper tickets at the station. Watch this video and see how easy it is to collect the tickets.

Step 1: Order
There are two ways to place your order. You can download and fill the order form or you can order directly online. You may prefer to order offline with the order form if you are unsure about which train to order, are not that good with computers or want to work on your order over several days. If you are ordering more than 30 days ahead, the order form also allows you to give us a second and third choice in the event that your tickets are difficult to purchase. We encourage you to give second and third choices if you are traveling during a busy Chinese holiday period.

Alternatively you can order directly from our website. Just search our schedules, click on price for the train of your choice then clock on order. After you have finished selected your train, you’ll be asked to provide us with the required information such as passengers names and passport numbers and your contact information.

In all cases, drop us a line if you are unsure of your train selection or the best way to build your itinerary.

Step 2: Estimate
We will get back to you quickly with an estimated cost per ticket in dollars. There may be a small difference in the final invoice because exchange rates fluctuate daily and because there may be a small price difference depending on whether you get an upper or lower berth (if you buy sleepers ) .
If there is something problematic with your selection, we will let you know and we can make suggestions on alternatives.
If you do not select a specific currency of payment , we will charge in Australian dollars by default.
Step 3: Confirmation
Following the review of the estimate , you will return us an email to confirm your order . If we do not receive confirmation , we just drop your order.
Step 4: Purchasing and Invoicing
We buy tickets as soon as they are available 30 days before departure. Once the purchase is complete, we send you an invoice via PayPal.
Our fee is US$10 per ticket. However you can also pay in Australian dollars or Canadian dollars. In this way, Australians and Canadians can save by avoiding double currency conversion. In these cases, payment can also be made by online bank transfer meaning that no PayPal fee is charged. You must select the currency in the order form otherwise we will invoice you in US dollars. Our fee is US$10 per ticket, or AU$14 and CA$14 (except tickets to or from Tibet - see FAQ) plus PayPal transaction fees (3.4% in Australian dollars and 4.4% in U.S. dollars).
Read the "FAQ" section where we explain how is the conversion of RMB into dollars.
Step 5: Payment
PayPal sends you an invoice by email . You pay the ticket within 48 hours. All you need to do is click on the link, log into your account and click on "pay".
No matter where you live, you can easily send your payment in different currencies and the conversion is done in dollars via PayPal. Click here to learn how to send money in different currencies via Paypal.
If you have a bank account in Australia or a Canadian bank account , you can eliminate the PayPal fees by making a bank transfer on our bank account. Just ask us for details on this option.
Step 6: Electronic Tickets
We will send you the electronic ticket ( confirmation number ) and a guide on how to pick up paper tickets with instructions translated into Chinese for the taxi driver and the clerk at the station. We will send you some tips on how to find your way around the station. We even have videos for most of the major train stations and to show you how to pick up the tickets. Just follow our instructions and you can easily pick up paper tickets.
Step 7 : Get tickets and go!
Pick up tickets at the station and get on the train! Watch this video to see how easy it is to pick up tickets with our instructions:

You can get all your tickets at any time after receiving the e-ticket or pick up tickets on the day before departure. Do not forget to print the instructions before you leave.
Remember to keep your ticket handy to show it again when you leave the station at your destination.
Before placing your order, be sure to read the FAQ section for more details and "Trains in China" to understand the different types of trains and seats.
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