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The Beijing-Guilin train line is a very popular train route in China as you travel across China from north to south and can see the scenery change along the road. It is served by both high-speed trains as well as some overnight trains. All trains depart or arrive at the Beijing West railway station while in Guilin trains connect at the Guilin North railway station or the Guilin railway station.

Beijing-Guilin high-speed train

There are 2 bullet (G) trains in each direction along this line. The first train departs in early morning and arrives in early evening. Read more about high-speed trains here.

These Beijing-Guilin high-speed trains offer classes of travel for the following fares:
Business class – ¥2530
First class – ¥1249.5
Second class – ¥806

Watch this video about high-speed trains

Beijing to Guilin to Beijing high-speed trains timetable

Beijing to Guilin trains
Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G529 7:08 18:25 11 h 17 min
G421 9:05 19:46 10 h 41 min
Guilin to Beijing trains
Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G422 10:37 21:09 10 h 32 min
G530 12:09 22:55 10 h 46 min

Beijing-Guilin overnight conventional trains

On this route, it is also possible to take the cheaper but slower overnight trains. The K trains are better as they are shorter. Although the scenery can be interesting, it is still a long trip. A good option if you are on a budget.

These Beijing-Guilin overnightd trains offer 3 classes of travel for the following fares:
Soft sleepers – ¥629 (upper) – ¥656 (lower)
Hard sleepers – ¥399 (upper) – ¥414 (middle) – ¥428 (lower)
Hard seats – ¥236

Beijing to Guilin to Beijing normal trains timetable

Beijing to Guilin trains
Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
K21 8:06 12:53 28 h 47 min
Z5 16:09 11:23 19 h 25 min
K157 18:12 21:37 27 h 25 min
Z285 21:10 16:27 19 h 17 min
Guilin to Beijing trains
Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
K158 4:30 5:52 25 h 22 min
Z6 14:22 9:48 19 h 26 min
K22 19:50 22:48 26 h 58 min
Z286 21:34 17:03 19 h 29 min

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