Discounted China domestic flights

Train or flight in China?

For train rides longer than 6 or 7 hours, flying is often a better alternative. Considering that airports in China rank among the worst in the world for their on-time record, the train remains a better alternative for trip of 7 hours or less.

If you are on a budget, for longer distances, overnight sleeper trains can make sense. Besides the fact that you save on the cost of a hotel room, traveling at night means that you save daytime for visiting tourist sites.


Pricing of domestic flights in China

While train ticket prices are fixed, airfares fluctuate and are often discounted. The discount is often in excess of 50%. The amount of discount varies based on several factors such as: how competitive the route is; time of the year and how far in advance of the travel date the booking is made.

Our expertise

While it is nearly impossible to get the very lowest price for a particular flight, our experts can secure your tickets at a good discount due to their extensive experience in buying flight tickets for many clients.

Booking flights with us

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Important information about domestic flights in China
– For passenger flying economy, the luggage allowance is 20kg per person.
– You must present your passport at check-in and when entering security
– For “Low Cost Carriers” the luggage allowance is usually less but additional luggage allowance can be purchased
– Deadline for check-in is usually 45 minutes before departure
– Security lines can sometimes be long

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