How to book China train tickets online?

1- Search timetables. Our timetables are connected in real-time with the official Chinese railway website. All the information is up-to-date. Use the search box to access live schedules. (pick a date and the numbers of passengers)

2- Choose a train and class of service. If your preferred train is shown as sold out and the button shows “try”, we may be able to work things out. Repeat the process until you have completed your itinerary.

3- Next, enter your contact information (we suggest that you provide whatsapp/imessage/viber so that we can contact you quickly if emergency situations) as well as the passenger information ( you can add more passenger by clicking on the button below the field) Pay special attention to the passport number. If the number is wrong, you will not be able to pick-up the tickets. Names should be exactly as they appear in the passport, generally with surname first.

4- Before submitting your order, you have another chance to review it. Double check the passenger information and add any special request or questions in the comment boxes. This page also gives you a total price per ticket estimate based on the payment currency that you chose.

5- Submit your order.

Watch our video on how to purchase online (embedded video – video to come)

What happens next?

– You will immediately receive an automated email so that you have a copy of your order.
– We do not purchase your tickets right away. Someone will verify your order within few hours (if it is China night time, it may take a bit longer although we try to work 24*7). Our expert will promptly send you an email with comments on your plan, if any. Sometimes we may suggest a better alternative to get you from A to B. We may also note that the names appear wrong or spot an obvious mistake in a passport number.
– Once the order appears finalized and all correct, we ask you to confirm. This additional step protects us all against problem down the road. You don’t want to be stranded in a Chinese station unable to get your tickets because of a mistake in the name or passport number if you do not speak the language.
– Once we receive the confirmation, the tickets are purchased.
– Next we send you an invoice based on our real cost with a copy of our receipt.
– After you make the payment, we send you bilingual instructions for the taxi driver to take you to the station as well as instructions for ticket pickup.

Our methodology has proven over time to result in a high level of satisfaction from our clients as we provide personalize service, clarity and a trouble-free experience. Read our reviews and see what our clients have to say about their experience.


Note that unlike all our competitors, we buy the tickets and ask you to pay later, no advance payment. There are some exceptions where we will ask for a deposit. The exceptions are as follows:

– If your train departure is within 18 days, we will ask for a deposit of 20 to 100% depending on how close your travel date is. The reason is that if you fail to pay and we need to cancel the tickets, the railway company charges us a cancellation fee.
– For any trains to/from Lhasa, we request payment of the full amount. After we purchase the tickets, we can’t change/cancel them online. These can only be changed or cancelled by the traveler in person at the station.
– For large group (10+) purchase, we request 20% deposit before we purchase your tickets.
– Some clients also prefer to prepay for all tickets because they will be traveling when we purchase the tickets and they may have limited access to their email at that time.

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  • Want to travel from Huangshan be yellow mountains to Lijiang What is the best route please Is it best to book through website now How long does it take please Is it better to break the journey

    ---- Ieuan Counsell
    • Hi,
      Huangshan to Lijiang is pretty long. Here is my suggestion. Huangshan north to Kunming south station: G1397 10:22-20:40 bullet train 1st class & 2nd class available then take train Kunming to Lijiang K9626 23:32-9:28 soft sleeper, hard sleeper and hard seat available. Please note that You need to transfer from Kunming south station to Kunming station, it is about 1 hour by shuttle bus, 80 mins by subway. so you have enough time to transit.

      Please note from Mid-Jan – End Feb 2018 is the peak time for chinese new year ticket booking. the official site is not stable due to the millions visit. Our site links to the official site so it is not stable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

      Jan 21, 2018

      ---- admin