How to buy China train tickets online?


Prepare your itinerary

Before placing a formal order, do some research and have a plan. You can consult the online search tool to see your options and travel time. You can submit your general China plan on popular travel forums such as TripAdvisor and get the views of other travelers.

When you place your order, we will review it and give you our views if we feel that your plan is not optimal. We do not automatically buy the tickets after you submit your order. If you need our advice in making some choices, you can also send us an email to get our views (

Do your homework before you start your session on our website to place your order. If you take too long to complete the process, the session will “time out” and you’ll need to start over again.

Can’t find trains for your itinerary?

Sometimes there are no direct trains between two cities. Search your desired route with our search box. When the result shows no such train, click on the button “Add this route”. It will be added to your order and we will get back to you with the train combination to reach your destination.

What if your trains are sold out?

If you need to go from A to B and all trains along this route are sold out, do contact us. We may be able to propose an alternative way to get you there and you may even be able to get your tickets on the train that you are looking for. Over time, we have developed some tricks to get our clients what they want, especially on busy routes or busy times.

Passenger information must be exact

Getting this right is essential. When you pick up your tickets, the station clerk enters the confirmation number and passport numbers in his computer. If the information is not the same as the one used for the booking, the tickets will not be printed. So please triple check the passport number of passengers in your order. If you make a mistake, it is 100% sure that you will not be able to pick up the tickets. It is very difficult to change after the fact and will require to cancel the wrong booking and book new tickets. At best, cancellation charges may be incurred, at worst, no tickets are available at that time.
Getting the names right is also important. Write the names as they appear in the passport, exactly the same. For most nationalities, this means surname first. Do not use special characters or accented characters as they do not have these on their computers at the train station.

When and how to pay?

Unlike all our competitors, we do not ask you to pay before we buy the tickets. After we purchase them, we will send you an invoice with a copy of our purchase so that you can see the exact price that we paid.
There are exceptions. If your travel date is within 18 days, we ask for full payment or a deposit because, in the case of non-payment, we will have to pay a penalty to cancel the tickets. We also require for prepayment of train tickets to Tibet as we are unable to cancel these online. We also usually require a deposit for large groups.

When to place the order?

Tickets are released 30 days ahead of the travel date. However we accept order as early as you wish. As soon as your itinerary is final, you can send us your order. By getting your order ahead of the release date, it means that our staff will be able to purchase them as soon as they are released. This is particularly important in busy periods when tickets can be sold out in minutes. You can always change your plans later on.

Watch this video that walks you through the process of booking on our website:
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  • Hello, do we order tickets using this space? Or do we email ? Or is there another place in your website where I should be submitting my orders?

    ---- Ruby
    • Hi, we have already seen you sent the online order form. Please use the online website to submit the order form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via “”

      ---- admin
  • Dear Sir/ Mdm,
    I will be travelling to Beijing from 31 Aug to 5 Sept. I was wondering whether it is possible for me to make a short trip to Xi an and back to Bei Jing during this period. Thank you for your advice.

    ---- Ashikin
    • Hi, yes, you can do a short trip between beijing and Xian. for beijing to Xian, either 5hours bullet train or overnight train to save time and hotel fee. so you can do both according to your schedule. some people take the overnight train to Xian, visit Xian for a day, and take the overnight train back to Beijing. so it is doable.

      ---- admin
  • how much does your company charge for buying the train tickets/
    is it per ticket or per order ?

    ---- David Leo
    • It is per ticket, you can pay USD$10 or CAD$13 or AUD$13 fee.

      ---- admin