Trains in China – What are they like?

Extensive network

China’s rail network is very extensive with 124,000 km of rail covering every part of the country.
It is he largest high-speed train network in the world.
China has made colossal investments in its train network in recent years and offers speeds up to 300km/h.

Why travel by train in China?

Unlike air travel, China train travel is very reliable.

It is also less stressful, does not involve intrusive security checks and is more comfortable.
While riding the train, you can walk around, use your phone or laptop and surf the web (if you have a data connection) at all times.

It is convenient, safe and cheap, also allowing you to save on the cost of a hotel room when using overnight trains.

This is definitely the way to go to see China.


Types of trains in China

China trains can be broadly categorized as two types. Train numbers have a prefix based on the type of train:

– High-speed trains (also known as “bullet trains”). The G, D and C trains are high-speed trains. More information here
– Normal or conventional trains. K, T and Z trains and trains with no letters are normal trains. More information here


All trains can also be divided as day trains or overnight trains.

For very long routes, some trains will travel during the day and night as the travel time may exceed 24 hours.
The trains will have several classes of seats offering different level of comfort See our page about classes of travel for more details.

Normal trains are cheaper than high-speed trains but they take longer to cover the equivalent distance.
The high-speed trains run over recently built tracks and are serviced by new and modern trains stations that look like airports. Learn more about China train stations here.

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