Xi’An – Chengdu Train Routes


The Xi’An-Chengdu train line is a rather popular train route in China as Xi’an is the best departure city to reach Chengdu by train. These trains are also a very cheap way to travel between these cities. There are now high-speed trains between these to cities, making it even easier to visit Chengdu.

There are over 40 trains per day in each direction. The trains take about 3.5 to a little over 4 hours to cover the distance. This is major improvement over the time previously required on regular trains. In Xi’An the train depart or arrive at the Xi’An North station while Chengdu East is the station in Chengdu. Both stations are linked to the subway network.

The trains offer business class (¥789), first class (¥421) and second class (¥263). In order to reduce the travel time, a large number of tunnel were dug in the mountains to make the route more direct. As a result, the scenery is not so good along the route.

We tried this train on the second day that it was running and we prepared this video:

When in Chengdu, make sure to visit the pandas. This shows how to get there by public transportation:

Updated March 2019

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