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The Xi’An-Pingyao train line is a very popular train route in China as Pingyao is a interesting short stop between Beijing and Xi’An. It is served by high-speed trains as well as some normal trains. In both cities there are two train stations. High-speed trains depart or arrive at the Xi’An north railway station and Pingyao Old Town railway station (not near the old town despite its name, about 9km away).

Normal trains connect at the Xi’An railway station and the Pingyao railway (the older station and within walking distance of the old town). Train tickets in and out of Pingyao are in limited number. This route absolutely requires advance booking, especially for the trains departing from Pingyao.

Xi’An-Pingyao high-speed trains

There are 8 high-speed trains from Xi’An to Pingyao and 6 from Pingyao to Xi’An. The trains depart at various times during the day. Some trains are faster than others with a travel time of about 3 hours. Read more about high-speed trains here.

These Xi’An-Pingyao high-speed trains offer 3 classes of travel (only one train has business class) for the following fares:
Business class – ¥450
First class – ¥187.5
Second class – ¥150

For some reason, the train company never makes any business class tickets and 1st class tickets available for the Pingyao departure. From Xi’An, 1st class is rarely available.
Watch this video about high-speed trains

Xi’An to Pingyao to Xi’An high-speed trains timetable

Xian to Pingyao trains
Train # Dep. Arr. Duration
D2506 9:07 11:31 2 h 24 min
D2508 9:39 12:23 2 h 44 min
D2512 11:08 14:14 3 h 06 min
D2516 12:10 15:10 3 h 00 min
D2520 13:40 16H47 3 h 07 min
D2526 15:52 18:58 3 h 06 min
D2562 16:12 19:26 3 h 14 min
D2534 19:05 22:04 2 h 59 min
Pingyao to Xi’An trains
Train # Dep. Arr. Duration
D2505 8:40 11:47 3 h 07 min
D2561 10:03 13:03 3 h 00 min
D2509 10:55 13:49 2 h 54 min
D2517 13:58 16:58 3 h 00 min
D2525 16:58 19:45 2 h 47 min
D2533 20:00 22:40 2 h 40 min

Xi’An-Pingyao normal trains

On this route, it is also possible to take the cheaper but slower normal trains. Some run in daytime while some others are overnight trains. The daytime normal trains are not very convenient. Trains 2672 (Xi’An-Pingyao) and 2095 (Pingyao-Xi’An) are good alternatives if you are on a budget. However, as the tickets for Pingyao to Xi’An normal trains are so difficult to get, we strongly suggest that you take bullet trains.
Soft sleepers – ¥196 (upper) – ¥ 205 (lower)
Hard sleepers – ¥124 (upper) – ¥129 (middle) – ¥133 (lower)
Hard seats – ¥66

Watch this video about normal overnight trains:

Xi’An to Pingyao to Xi’an normal trains timetable

Xi’An to Pingyao trains
Train # Dep. Arr. Duration
1486 12:06 20:55 8 h 49 min
K690 17:18 3:38 10 h 20 min
2096 19:00 5:06 10 h 09 min
2672 22:53 7:24 8 h 31 min
Pingyao to Xi’an trains
Train # Dep. Arr. Duration
2671 0:14 8:51 8 h 37 min
K689 10:14 20:21 10 h 07 min
1485 16:29 1:14 8 h 45 min
2095 20:48 7:03 10 h 15 min

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